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Lien Rumble

months ago

Stage you 27 at 28 May 2023

You want to discover and taste deeply Numerology ?

This internship is made for you !

Number symbolism and language, acquisition of practical tools for a broader understanding of cycles, tips and apps etc..

Number of places limited

It will be the 27 and 28 May 2023 face-to-face in Castres (Tarn near Toulouse).

Information and registration by email or telephone.

Stage you 6 and 7 May 2023 in Castres

The Evolution course +

You know numerology well or practice it and want to improve your skills ?

This internship is made for you !

We will discuss the deepening of the posts of the theme, interpretation thanks in particular to new knowledge, consultation management, etc.

more evolution course

Number of places limited

It will be the 6 and 7 May 2023 face-to-face in Castres (Tarn near Toulouse).

Information and registration by email or telephone.

The pretenses

The numbers put to all sauces !

We are at the beginning of the year, period which traditionally sees the blossoming of predictions with, supporting, its flamboyant procession of symbols and above all of numbers. It is the prerogative of the month of January, the beginnings of the year and the fantasies engendered.

The season of frustration intolerance 2023 is thrown, the calendar of incredible moons is announced, unearthed prophecies of ancient civilizations reappear. It is the ball of the naive orchestrated by pseudo-knowledgeable gratifying us with numbers and portals for example.

For most people, the numbers remain mysterious, enigmatic but magical which allows false prophets to say anything and everything about them by deceiving.

Life table or life plan, I am not saying that channeling does not exist, I simply remain skeptical about the honest and competent percentage in this discipline.

Let us simply note in order to demonstrate the influence of its two universal cycles that the third cycle, the year 2023 like the previous ones, there is a risk of competing with Lapeyre as the portals are so fashionable. All it takes is a friendly type date 22/02/22 or the traditional 11/11, 12/12 etc to decree an energy miracle or whatever. All this comes from the famous year 2012 long-awaited and reinforced for the first time by the expectation of 12/12. Ensuite, opportunistic channels extended the suspense (because 2012 did not keep his promises) with new expectations materialized by the generalization of portals.

Life table or life plan, I'm not saying that portals don't exist but that they don't necessarily take the magical form that we grant them.

If we take for example the 12/12/21, the calculation gives 2045 , it's already less sexy but it's the real number of the day. (some would say it does 11 by reduction and that therefore gnagnana)

A prediction proposes a closed future chosen by the numerologist but in no way respects the free will of the consultant by confining him to a new belief in a future which he will have to get rid of., the 12/12/22 women 2046, same observation. (same parenthesis as above with the 12)

otherwise, 2023 doing 7 by reduction, we are going to be entitled to digressions on the 7 esoterically steaming, something to warm up for the winter…

Keep a critical mind, especially in these times when lies circulate in all walks of life.

Reread the events announced historically by certain channels, they always tell the same thing by playing on hope and therefore the expectation of a new liberating date.

Predicting the future is always risky, there are several timelines.

As the saying goes “better to address the good Lord than to his saints”, in other words listen to your direct channel, your intuition, trust yourself. The "Light" never gives the future but luminous advice to the present.

The present moment mocks dates and portals.

Numerology in all its forms

New video on the numerological approach

How to Approach Numerology, that we learn, whether you are curious or have questions.