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Central Numerology in Numbers

The entire site is made up of site occupied by the free software Mirieur © allowing you to establish your theme in a few clicks and associated blog, which is in a way an open book, free too, offering an almost complete range of explanations and learning about the discipline. This set configured in this form dates from October 2014, almost 7 years already!

It previously existed in draft we could say and on non-free platforms.

central numerology statistics
central numerology statistics

Central Numerology includes 13 pages and 120 articles dealing with Names obviously, of years, months and days personal, posts " expression », life plans, life paths or even l’inclusion, from l’excursion, of annual theme and other considerations useful didactics. The software, meanwhile, has undergone regular updates to adapt to changes in the discipline while retaining the old calculations..

In almost 7 years old, more than a million page views, 223 comments, many internships, multiple consultations and trainings without counting the thousands of exchanges by email.

So, in a few words:

Thank you to all of you for this common work!

2 thoughts on “Central Numerology website review

  1. Fortun

    Merci Christian pour tout le travail que tu fais et ta générosité. Tu contribues à notre évolution dans la joie et la bonne humeur.
    Ton site devient un vrai bijou.
    Je te suis toujours avec plaisir et je suis très heureuse de constater ton développement.
    Catherine Fortun

  2. Giselle Barthelemy

    Merci pour ce merveilleux site et ce logiciel de calcul.
    Je le vois évoluer et il est devenu un formidable outil pour qui veut apprendre la numérologie
    Précis, il fait gagner beaucoup de temps pour tous les calculs . Merci aussi pour son évolution permanente.


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