School of Central Numerology

Training in Central Numerology

by Internet, online and videoconference

  • Apprentissage de la Numérologie pour la pratique « Passion et Professionnelle ».
  • Original method, educational and proven, gradual, ultra thorough, with personalized follow-up
  • Concentrate of numerological knowledge rich in comprehensive and applicable information over a short cycle for affordability.

numerology schoolsLearning numerology is an adventure

Program of the training

The teaching takes place in the form of modules. A module lasts a legal quarter (therefore 3 month, outside the summer period)

Description of a module

For each month of the module :

  • Receipt by email of a course at the beginning of the month (+ audio files) with practical exercises to be returned before the end of the month
  • Correction of exercises by me
  • Group videoconference at the end of the month to take stock and answer questions
  • Personalized follow-up

Training account 3 modules (is 1, 2 and 3 sure 9 month), with a small end-of-cycle exam at the end of the module 3 to validate the knowledge. This training allows professional practice.

Flexible, no-obligation training

Training can start in January or October.

No engagement, you can order a module then stop at the end of it. There is no obligation or tacit renewal.

For reasons of efficiency and quality assurance of training, it necessarily starts with the module 1. This module already has a professional level but is suitable for motivated beginners.

Cost of training and therefore of a module

One module costs 250 euros and includes lessons, correcting exercises, follow-up and videoconferences during the three months it covers. The total cost (when ordering 3 modules) is therefore 750 euros for ultra-comprehensive training with in addition dozens of hours of audio files and around 20 hours of videos.

Learning numerology is an adventure

Pedagogy, efficiency, monitoring

For any information: contact

12 thoughts on “School of Central Numerology

  1. FRIDERICH christine

    a big thank you Christian for sharing your passion and your research with such accuracy, of humility and generosity.
    Christian's courses really allow access to an in-depth understanding of the symbolism of numbers which gradually become a real GPS of life . Quite the opposite of a certain determinism of destiny that is sometimes stuck on numerology.
    I warmly recommend this training to anyone looking for authentic and serious teaching.
    In fact, I don't want it to stop and I would be very keen on new experience sharing and practice supervision courses to go further and be guided in the practice of all these teachings..

  2. Jasmine

    Hello to those who hesitate to do a numerology training.
    I just did that of 2019-2020. It is very complete, rich, generous, interesting. It is possible during videoconferences to go over anything that is not understood, to ask the questions you want.
    At the end of the training I have enough to read and reread, assimilate but also listen to the audio files that complement each course. I think I have enough to find elements to integrate for the next few years. Otherwise you can embark on this investment without risking being disappointed. On the other hand, you have to devote time to it or else plan on the following months to devote time to it. You can embark on the adventure whether you are a beginner, confirmed beginner or already a little numerology. The more beginner you are, the more time it will take you to follow.. I want to clarify that I have no interest in this comment 🙂
    My training is almost finished 🙂
    Good luck to you all

  3. Alphonsine

    Thanks to the prodigious work that Christian delivers to us during his training, I pacified and reconciled with my past, assimilating that each “shadow” has its raison d'être and is a fabulous opportunity to highlight the light in oneself…
    Far from punitive concepts, the numerology that Christian transmits to us is liberating, scalable, innovative. She is also “human”, benevolent and good “anchored”… Made for Multifaceted Beings “in-carnés” that we are… I would say that it allows us to accompany each other on a daily basis… And more, that it allows “alchemize”… I have thus taken a lot of concrete actions, positive and fulfilling in my life… Yes, it works !!!
    The people with whom I put the lessons into practice were equally amazed., felt lightened and boosted !
    Online conferences in which Christian responds with great generosity and humor to questions from the very sympathetic group :-D, are dynamic and further expand the courses !
    I can only recommend this training, whether for you and your loved ones and / or professionally…
    With all my gratitude dear Christian !

  4. Jenny

    I fully agree with Catherine.
    I loved this training in non-punitive and very open numerology.
    Thank you Christian for listening to us and guiding us on our way.
    I thank Christian for this tremendous and enormous work provided. It's impressive.
    I still have to practice, again and again… But the lessons are there, it is written… I have access to it when I want.
    If you want to open up to numbers, I advise you from the bottom of my heart to register… It is very enriching for yourself and also for others.
    Thank you again Christian and my classmates😉😂🤣

  5. Catherine

    Arrival at the end of the training, I admire the work done by Christian, his research, his availability within the group to help us move forward. In a nutshell I would say "wow ! »
    Classes are dense. The group's exchanges are enriching and friendly.
    Christian is not just a teacher, it also gives us food for thought on the relevance of a classical teaching of numerology in order to make it evolve.
    I am very happy to have followed this training and to continue my experience with new perspectives thanks to him.

    1. Aline

      Hello Catherine,
      Felicitations !! I just finished the module 1 with Christian, and of course I continue 😁, I have already learned so much that indeed at the end of the module 3, it will be wow !!

  6. Hélène

    Hello , I discovered Christian's Central Numerology by Participating in an internship in Castres ago 5 years , I came out of it upset because I have been practicing traditional Numerology for several years, especially karmic , I was going around in circles with this guilty notion of karma which drew me recurring repetitions on my life path ( So I can vouch for the effectiveness of unconscious guilt beliefs !! ) It is After Christian's Internship that all light is shed on this Tool of Magical Evolution when it is used with conscience , Alignment , clarity and honesty otherwise it is power and true meaning can be diverted from its liberating and enlightening trajectory which is its goal !! Today I am also participating in the Module 1 to return to healthy bases , vibrant , happy and motivating because I want to be a full-time Numerologist , The group allows me an interactive exchange with passionate people , which gives good support and supports to stimulate intuition and put this new Central Numerology into practice together with the Help of Christian who is an incredibly rich teacher , thank you all and see you soon for the rest with the Module 2 which promises to be exciting , Looking forward to seeing you again good w.kend to all 🙂

  7. Carole

    I also followed this 1st training module, I am a beginner in numerology and delighted with this in-depth discovery of numbers and their meaning. Christian gave us a lot of information in writing in the lessons, orally in audios and during videoconferences. It is a dense and exciting training and it requires, in my case, a period of digestion to integrate and make the most of what Christian transmitted to us before continuing the 2nd module. Thank you to Christian and to our small group for the very interesting exchanges in all conviviality.

  8. Thierry

    I also share the “vibration” very positive evoked by “my classmates” on this teaching in Numerology. I am really impressed with the density and depth of this course. I very much appreciate in this first module that the transmission takes place through the symbolism of Numbers by making our intuitions work..
    This approach sheds new light on the discipline.
    I will of course continue with the second module from April. Very impatient to discover the rest !
    We look forward to seeing you all by videoconference next week..

  9. Virginie

    First of all I confirm the 2 comments from (Jenny and Catherine)
    Being passionate about Numerology for some time and for different reasons I had to put it in parentheses
    I wanted to take a course life means that when the time is right the doors open
    I am delighted with Christian's lessons his approach to Numbers is very good, rewarding.
    Like Jenny and Catherine I continue for the module 2 otherwise strongly the 27😊

  10. Catherine

    I totally agree with Jenny's comments. Thank you Christian for this new approach to numerology and I confirm Christian does not count his hours…
    I took the module 1, same group as Jenny, very friendly atmosphere, everyone's experience is very interesting.
    The lesson, the exercises, the videoconferences allowed me to take stock of my achievements and to learn from your contact.
    I also arrive for the module 2 in april with pleasure.

  11. Jenny

    First of all, a big thank you to Christian for his huge investment and his sharing of knowledge of numbers.
    I took the module 1 and I found it very complete and fascinating.
    Videoconferences are enriching and allow discussion without judgment. Very good group atmosphere.
    Corrected exercises teach us a lot about numbers and about ourselves.
    I learned a lot, So I continue with the module 2 in April (I look forward!!!).


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