Consciousness also emanates from numbers

The common point between all therapies, is illustrated by awareness or by energy realignment.

The problems of the psyche are, by definition, unconscious, in the form of "blockages", beliefs, multiple identifications to parents, forbidden superego and others. These problems work in the shadows, without our knowledge, seconded by the mind which justifies them by reasoning from this same unconscious.

As soon as the conscious gains ground on the unconscious, shadow areas light up then release the hidden charges.

yin yang

What relationship with Numerology?

It is direct but on several levels.

Discover or learn Numerology confronts us with the universal language of numbers, that of primordial symbols, at the root of all vibration. This language is at the service of energies relating to the domain of consciousness, it proceeds by gradual infusion, which results in osmosis, a luminous transfer to our benefit. A subtle and "raw" form of truth imposes itself on us and heckles our beliefs, our convictions too established, our shadows. Since then, the numbers appear as a reforming mirror, therapeutic essence.

This mirror shows us how we "vibrate" our numbers, how they try to make us vibrate, he takes us in the act, surprises us, invites us to establish connections between the external apparent (the context, the events) and inner reality. He invites us to decode the teachings of each day, to understand what is playing through them and so, release what is expected of ourselves.

He reminds us that we have the keys and gives us their instructions, too often forgotten or denied.

Numerology confirms that we are creators(trices) of our life, one way or another, always in agreement with our numbers but at different vibratory degrees. It is up to us to let them vibrate simply and fully to increase our radiant serenity and our sovereignty..

All of this is happening gradually, sparingly as a path is taken step by step.

This is all Numerotherapy!


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Giselle Barthelemy
Giselle Barthelemy
1 year ago

Hello Christian
Numotherapy, a term that perfectly expresses for me what my debriefing work represents during a study of a person
I totally agree with you in your description and this name is to be remembered to describe the work that is done during a numerology study by an individual on himself. The impact is made step by step, he assimilates it , immerses himself in it and reopens doors on his future of which he is the only creator.