Astrological houses in numerology

The cycle of the astrological houses

It is an annual cycle that starts on the birthday and therefore depends on the age, to find yours, refer to the table below or to the software Mirror.

astrological house

Its very significant importance makes some numerologists doubt the period covered by personal year.

These cycles provide relevant information on targeted sectors operating in the year.

The meaning of the houses has the same bases as in astrology, Nevertheless, given their seniority (little questioned), I added the subtle differences observed in numerology, softer and more moderate.

House I

astrology : moral and physical point of view, the character, skills, intellectual dispositions, moral and sentimental; the temperament, vitality, lifetime.

Health : the head, the eyes, teeth and mouth

numerology : commencement, l’initiative, the self, energy, willingness, the life drive, the masculine relationship, to the father, to the son.

House II

astrology : equipment, the money, property, earnings due to work, manual skill, the know-how, the professional environment.

Health : lymphatic problems, gorge, lungs

numerology : abundance-lack, needs, acquisitions, the relationship to money, the female relationship, to the mother, to the girl.

House III

astrology : brothers, the sisters, collateral, neighbors, all the relationships we don't live with; l’instruction, the knowledge, sympathies and antipathies, the writings, the papers, mail etc.

health : bras, mains, shoulders, lower throat.

Numerology : the creations, recreations, hobbies, starting an activity, paperwork, small trips, the relational, contacts.

House IV

astrology : father and mother, the influence of the elders, the inherited, les legs, name and household.

Health : stomach, bronchi, lungs, heredity

numerology : the home, the House, the place of life (professional also), parents and grandparents, the death (symbol), the name (patronymic), anchoring and work.

House V

astrology : own children, pleasures, instincts, the pleasures of the senses, happiness, honor, education (children).

Health : heart, stomach and back

numerology : meetings, new experiences, the change of pace, the excesses, the escape, information and communication and links.

House VI

astrology : domestic life, Services, servitude, the groups, distant family, health issues, the auxiliaries (assistants), domestic animals.

Health : the disease itself, old age, nutrition and kidneys.

Numerology : immediate obligations, household habits to review, the comfort zone, The well-being, the service, the groups, the family as a group spirit, animals.

House VII

astrology : the relationship between complementary or opposites, the wedding, associations, the contracts, the trials, love-hate, breaking etc.

health : reins, internal genitalia, bladder, intestine.

Numerology : marriage of opposites, so marriage, association, contract, signature and vice versa.

House VIII

astrology : everything related to death, heredity, heritage, sadness, end of life; evolution, destin.

Health : spine, rectum, external genitalia.

Numerology : the theme of death, the transformation process (evolution), deals, the money, Justice (trial), the law, l’administration, sexuality, morals and people related to these areas.

House IX

astrology : religion, philosophy, was, Spirituality, trips across the seas, art, the reputation.

Health : thigh and hips

numerology : spirituality, evolution, creation, philosophy but also natural or recommended detachment (even sometimes) strength, the voluntary or involuntary removal of people or things, the end, the conclusion, abroad.

House X

astrology : the social situation with its achievements, his achievements, his position, his fortune.

Health : knees and around.

Numerology : social situation, profession, general situation, personal social evolution, ambition, life changes. For women, also means marriage.

House XI

astrology : altruism, mutual aid, collaboration, fruits of labor, help of all kinds, the supports, the dedication.

Health : between knees and ankles.

Numerology : projects, Hopes, dreams, utopias, Spirituality, help and support, fraternity and vice versa.

House XII

Important : the description of this house in astrology is catastrophic and, in significantly different numerology, Fortunately!

astrology : problems of all kinds, deceptions, lies, the enemies, disease, l’exil, the prison, the hospital, depression etc.

health : foot and toes

numerology : entry into an important system either the administration itself or a hospital for example for a job, childbirth or a minor ailment; commitment to a long-term contract, a mortgage, engagement formula, hidden things so the occult.


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5 months ago

Hello Christian and thank you for your software,i am in year 9 next year and house ll this can announce financial difficulties?

5 months ago
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Thank you very much for your answer, have a good day.

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Hello Christian,
Thank you for your articles which I always read with interest . I have been taking initiation courses in astrology for some time. Until now I had not paid attention to these astrological houses linked to our personal year ./ How can we interpret it? because we have two houses for the same year / until my birthday in september this is home 5 AP5 but the house changes in September (57 years) and go to 4 until the end of the year 2016 Could we say that the domain, sector where AP operates then changes from “color” ? next year I will be in AP 6 but still at home 4 I don't know if my explanations are very clear / we could also compare this analysis with the tarot of Marseilles the 4 the emperor representing stability, construction, bases us , rooting , Security……. for me the 6 talks to me about commitment , harmony , responsibilities sense of family , choice…….. I have curiously found in astrology certain elements which were also in my numerological chart / in fact we have to let our intuition guide us and observe what happens to us from one birthday to the next


C. Christian
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The house specifies an area of ​​action within the personal year; for example in your case, being in AP5 and arriving in a house 4, we can basically deduce that changes are to be expected at household level or even at work at the end of the year; we must also consider the achievements of the year and then the months and other cycles to decide more. otherwise, as you suggest, a comparison with the tarot can of course be beneficial and always leave a lot of room for intuition. Thank you for your comment.