Letter B in numerology

Letter b, second letter of the alphabet, value 2, double letter

The letter B emanates clearly and directly from the Hebrew letter Beth with which it shares the second alphabetical rank.

Just as the A can be thought of as a 1, the B shows the characteristics of the number 2 except that it is a letter and thus it covers other derivative meanings.

letter beth
letter Beth

The Beth literally means "House" or "Residence" or even " Bouche ”and more, the entrance, access to the Interior.

Besides the words Bpunishment, Building, Boite reinforce this idea and, with the water element of 2, the building turns into Bateau, Boat, Barque, Bac etc.

The prefix Bi also refers to the 2 in the digital sense.

However, the paradox of B is due to the principle of manifestation linked to the number 2, namely that the "things" appear at this stage, it's here Base !

This is why the associated Tarot arcanum is the Bstudio. I recall that the divine principle is immanent and invisible, everything begins to manifest from the 2. The Belate, first astrological sign, starts with a B, this is the B.A.BA. otherwise you have it in the baba ...

the batsman
Le Bateleur

Note : the order of the arcana of the tarot does not follow the order of the letters which are, I call him back, channels that connect the sephiroth ; in the present case, the Beth is the channel, the path that connects Binah (3) at Kether (1).

Hence the idea that B or Beth starts any series, the Boeotians will confirm it to you ...

The Beth is the first letter of the first word of the genesis, « Bereshit » (at the beginning) which is still the subject of considerable study.

The B or the Beth also represents the Bedict of divine wisdom (wisdom (Name 2) and conversely madness or stupidity by absence of wisdom) with the examples of Baptiste, Bapteme.

The B covers the act of Benir and by extension, the Byen, the Bwe and the Bwater, the Brave but also, the Benêt, the or the bsummer. "Blessed are the simple-minded" (sermon of the Mount).

As a mouth we find the notion of opening to an inner world, its threshold and simultaneously what is attached to it as Bavarder, Bavasser, Bhave, Balbutier, Baiser, Bthen the Bouffe, the Boisson (what we put inside).

The Basic energy is found in animal symbolism through the primordial energy of Taurus represented by Cattle, Bisons, Buffaloes etc.

Base, this is the bottom (as the 2, anchoring), the Basin but also reading and Binary (Biblio, balancer…).

The planet corresponding to B is obviously the moon, the day, Monday, often considered the first day of the week.


The B has a Purpose, he seals the start of something, pragmatic and material construction, intellectual or emotional (union). It is also a nourishing energy, maintenance of what started, even development. He is the embodiment of the principle of energy, from the bottom to the top, of the basin, the outline of a base. With its double or dual aspect, opposition is possible (Battle), the principle of separation (more to manifest things distinctly than to annihilate).

The importance of the home and its balance is decisive and major, assuming sustainability and security ; the Needs must be satisfied at all levels, bodily, emotional etc.


The passage of B often indicates concerns (not necessarily negative) of a material nature related to the well-being of the acquisition of this famous tranquilizing base from which we arise, as a starting point.

This letter puts an emphasis on the house, l’union (Ring), strong relationships, the maternal side and more particularly the body (soul house) with double parts or organs such as eyes for example or openings in general.

A rather empty mind (in the right direction) is in the spotlight or no spirit at all (wisdom / madness) and conversely, a need to fill, d’opposition, doubt, a feeling of abandonment etc.

People and objects or themes starting with the letter obviously have significant occurrences during the passage of this letter.

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Bartholomew Giselle
Bartholomew Giselle
2 months ago

I've been wondering for a while how to read the 2 e excursion et pourquoi ne plus faire courir les lettres le même nombre d années que leur valeur.
est ce qu on compare les deux excursions ou ne traite-t-on qu’une seule dans l’analyse de l’année personnelle.