Letter L in numerology

Letter L value 12/3

The letter L, twelfth letter of the alphabet, has the undeniable advantage of relying on only one origin of the same rank in the Hebrew alphabet, the letter Lamed.

As a rank 12, it already bears the attributes of this number and necessarily of the 3 but nuanced.

The Lamed, graphically and symbolically represents the bullock sting and also means, teaching, learning in a notion of verticality ; the elders see it more generally as the path of evolution (to the top), hence the wings (L), mercy, the study, meditation and self-forgetting for the benefit in particular, others. It is an initiatory letter.

letter lamed
Lamed letter

L’aspect transmission, education, know, study is easily found in words Ldrunk, Littérature, Langage, Lexiquus, Loquace, Lskillful, Lèvre, Lsnakes, Luette, Larynx, Lplumbing, Lolder (meaning to worship)... We must look at these words in the sense of learning, elevation and not in the functional sense such as speech, for example, which comes from the P and therefore from the Hebrew letter Peh which will be described later.

The "aerial" notion of Lamed, as for her, illustrated by the aiLe, Lmouse, and more vertically, Lumière, Lueur, Lustrer etc.

Getting back to the sting, object that has several meanings such as pushing animals or restraining them, it must also be considered in a directional sense, advancement. It can also be summed up in : join, to attach, hit, what gave, Lfreedom, L1st, Licol, Lace, Longe, Laisse, Lapider, Lfire, Longitude, Lattitude and to designate objects (or attach them to the description), demonstrative, Le, La, Lit is, the pronouns, iL, eLLe, Lui, Leur etc.

tarot justice

This type of Link is confirmed by the associated astrological house, house VII, dear to associations, contracts and marriages.

The contribution of the related tarot arcanum, Justice becomes clear in words, LHey, Llegitimate, Lequal but also in the weight of measures of the attached sign, the balance with Lourd.

To complete the series of original and descriptive influences of the L, le rang 12, sign of will (the 12 zodiac signs are 12 modes of will) brings his sense of sacrificial will (initiatory) inherent in any evolutionary path evoking words Lutte, Labeur, Lweapon and the probable guilt of "you will earn your bread by the sweat of your brow". This is obviously an interpretative pitfall due to additional religious proselytism.


The L endows determination, thirsty to learn, devolution, of a qualitative social sense, Link (in the noble sense), artistic abilities. The sense of morality and goodness is strongly pronounced even sometimes excessive, with the "apparent" need to put others before oneself, apparent because driven by this real need but also by the fact of making it known as obligatory abnegation with the difficulty of having duly displayed pleasure.

To finish, sense of the sacred and justice (immanent) but not necessarily religious. It is important to value the guilt and cultivate more "selfishness", by the creative in particular.


A passage from L, often and logically implies a take-off, a change of universe, an elevation with abandonment of old patterns of life (in the positive sense) in a legal implication, namely administrative procedures. otherwise, this sense of upliftment or evolution is accompanied by a desire for learning and therefore internships, formations, studies and new quality and lasting human contacts. The artistic and the creative flights are of course in the spotlight, to suit everyone(e).

The L (always look in which first or last name it is located) almost always indicates some kind of break with a past, a paradigm shift, longed for, freely consented and determined.

Corporellement, the throat and neck area may be stressed, the most important being to manage stress and guilt and therefore somatizations.

Activities, people, objects and symbols starting with an L are obviously concerned during the occurrence of this letter.

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